About Vivae Ring

About Ring

One of the most significant innovations in health care technology

Vivae ring offers comfortable and extremely reliable blood pressure measurement from the finger.

Extremely accurate, stylish, lightweight and comfortable blood pressure measurement device

Technology based on smart-memory alloy actuation and highly advanced thin-film pressure and force sensing

Connectivity via Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)

Application available for iOS and Android

Blood pressure measurement frequency can be configured (i.e. three times a day). Vivae Ring can automatically measure the blood pressure at suitable time

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Ring Specialize In

Accurate measurement

Everyday diagnosis option

Completely noise-free

Smart memory alloy actuator

Thin-film force and pressure sensor

Continuously monitors the pulse


What People Are Saying

“Just what I was looking for. Buy this now. Absolutely wonderful more accurate result! I am completely blown away.”

- Dale Q

“Vivae ring is both attractive and highly adaptable. Wow what great service, I love it!”

Helena Smith

“Vivae company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. Thank You!”.

- Isabella

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Application available for iOS and Android